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The policies governing our quality are stated in our Quality Manual and demonstrates the commitment of our Direction to introduce a Quality Management System oriented to customer service and continuous quality improvement. See documents:

Quality policy
Certificate 9001

4 factors must be taken into account in writing a Quality Policy:

  • The requirements of ISO 9001:2015: The norm includes the engagement of the ISO to meet customer requirements and to improve the efficiency of the management system.
  • Customer: managing quality is managing customer satisfaction; policy can include guidelines that directly affect customer satisfaction, such as reducing delivery times or improving our customer service.
  • Company: the policy must be aligned with the reality of the organization itself, not establishing guidelines impossible to meet. It should also be taken into account that the policy must be understood by all the staff of the organization. The vocabulary and expressions used should be appropriate regarding the employee relation.
  • Direction: must be committed to the quality policy, as it is the key in the management of the organization.